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Standing Kannon Bodhisattva


Standing Kannon Bodhisattva

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Unified Silla Dynasty (Early 8th century)
Private collection
H. 123mm
Wood box

This is a standing statue of Kannon from the Unified Silla Dynasty. The incarnation of the Buddha on the crown and the symmetrical form are characteristic of gilt bronze Buddhas of the early 8th century. The supreme smile of the deity exudes an air of antiquity reminiscent of Ancient Silla (Three Kingdoms Period) and reminds us of the roots of the Suiko ~ Hakuho Buddhas in Japan.


This gilt bronze Kannon can be found on page 92 of Research on Gilt Bronze Buddhas of Korea (Saburo Matsubara and Kobunkan Yoshikawa eds.), which is the definitive work on ancient gilt bronze Buddha collections in Korea. The type of elegant, understated simplicity of pieces found in old collections is a characteristic of this gilt bronze Kannon.

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  • 金銅観音菩薩立像_メイン
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  • 金銅観音菩薩立像_資料_1
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  • 金銅観音菩薩立像_箱