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Oribe (plate-style) mukōzuke

織部平向付 五客組

Oribe (plate-style) mukōzuke

Early Edo period (around the Genna Era)
Private collection
D: 142mm, H: 35mm (average)
Old wood box

This is a full set of five Oribe. The reed pattern and the sharp lines of each piece are consistent with those of the renowned Oribe sake jar with the three-leaf arrowhead pattern as well as other pieces created as classic tea ware and fired in the Kujiri style at Ōtomihigashi Kiln. These plates are certainly of the same lineage. The plates are deliberately designed in a wavy and curvy style so that the perfect portion for a single diner can be served in them. The soft design of the reed combined with the way the copper-green glaze has transformed in the kiln are charm points of these pieces.


Given the light touch used on the reed pattern and the softness of the surface of the plates, one might suspect these pieces to be revival Oribe. However, they are most definitely pieces of the utmost craftsmanship from the Ōtomihigashi Kiln dating to the early Edo period. Each plate has some silver joinery, but it does not stand out in any way, and the plates can be readily and easily used.

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  • 1枚目(表)
  • 1枚目(裏)
  • 2枚目(表)
  • 2枚目(裏)
  • 3枚目(表)
  • 3枚目(裏)
  • 4枚目(表)
  • 4枚目(裏)
  • 5枚目(表)
  • 5枚目(裏)
  • 横から
  • 底面
  • 葦の文様
  • 一番大きな直し
  • 時代箱の蓋
  • 織部平向付五客