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New Arrival “Kō-ō Bodhisattva Iconograph”

New Arrival “Kō-ō Bodhisattva Iconograph”

January 29, 2022

Today, it’s our pleasure to share a “Kō-ō Bodhisattva Iconograph” with you.

The work featured here is the Kō-ō Bodhisattva portion of the iconographic scrolls passed down over time at Ninna-ji Temple in Kyoto. Wrought in soft black strokes, the illustration of Kō-ō Bodhisattva is preceded by a written explanation of the Sanskrit mantra, imagery, etc. Based on the expression of the Hotoke, the style of the lines, and the type of paper used, etc., the iconograph is from the late Kamakura Period to the early Muromachi Period. Enjoy!