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SEIKA Art Fair 2022

SEIKA Art Fair 2022

June 5, 2022

We will have a stall at the SEIKA Art Fair again this year. This year’s theme is “TSUKUMO”.

The Tsukumogami Emaki, compiled in the Muromachi period, is a tale in which old, discarded tools left by the roadside as part of the ritual year end cleaning suddenly acquire spirits. They then turn into specters or tsukomogami and attack and deceive humans. Eventually, the specters grow tired of their fun and through the spiritual powers of esoteric Buddhism they depart this world in peace. The tale was a way of spreading the teachings of Shingon Buddhism. At the same time, it acted like a textbook, teaching children the importance of caring for objects.

On Day One of the SEIKA Art Fair, the idea is to have the tsukomogami play their tricks on antiques enthusiasts. Rare examples of old writing utensils from ancient to early modern periods will be on display.